Included here are a small collections of pastel paintings plus one pencil drawing, and one charcoal and pen drawing.

This image was drawn in colored pencil, even though it may look like a pastel painting. It's just after a rain, and the reflections in the water really add to the quality of the image, and the streetcar itself is "stunning" in my view.
Also the people, and moving automobiles, stop-and-go lights, etc. add activity and motion to the image...this is a top favorite of mine! Many of my friends and co-workers love "The StreetCar" speaks for itself!

9 x 8 inches

$300 ( original, unframed )
The Apartment
The Blue Door
The Courtyard
November's Door
The Cottage
The Swiss Alps
The Girl In the Bamboo Lagoon
The Streetcar
Early Sunset Light
The Derby
Sunset Sails
River Cabin
Yellow Waters, Yellow Skies
Forest Crossing
The Celebration
The Rose
Deep Forest Stream
Pepper Bread Garden
Paradise Walk
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