This particular pastel was done on stretched canvass....which by it's very nature allows for a more impressionistic
type painting, and a little added texture in the finished piece. Almost all painters in 2D art have painted a lighthouse,
or a scene with a lighthouse in it....some done with an angry sea and storm, and some with just a calm ocean. 

So this was my first lighthouse creation done with a very innocuous sea. What I wanted to project here was the
bright lights in the sky, and the various colors, as the sun just begins its decent in the west.... you can see the light shining from the lighthouse against the dark purple cloud,  the glow of light on the bluffs,  a little reflection in
the water, the horizon beginning it's color transformation, 3 seagulls silhouetted against the orange sky, and the lone sailboat making it's way back to shore. The image imparts a very calm, and tranquil feeling I believe.

18 x 24 inches

Pastel Original (on canvass), unframed
Width:24 Inches
Height:18 Inches
Price:750.00 USD
Pastel Paintings
Early Sunset Light