Not too long ago I had this piece exhibited in the Blackhawk gallery in Danville, CA. A young woman stopped to
look at it, and stood for a long time staring at it and 3 other of my paintings. When I asked her if she had any questions about any of the images, she told me that this one, November's door was "magical", and although she couldn't afford to buy it, she really wanted to take it home.

For me, November's door is an example of how  "color", here represented by the vase of flowers, and the autumn
red leaves, can enhance an old building and put "life" into it. That is the "magic" I believe the woman was talking 
about....the magic of "color."  In the same way, this art piece could transform a drab old room, and bring it to life.
This art piece shows beautifully on any wall!  One of my favorites!

17 x 13 inches

Pastel Original (with quality matte and frame)
Width:13 Inches
Height:17 Inches
Price:950.00 USD
Pastel Paintings
November's Door