When I look at this painting, my eye goes to 2 places....the light down the alleyway, and the "blue" door itself.
The light coming through the alleyway is beckoning, wanting you to follow it as it turns out of site....even the
cat has it's head turned toward the viewer, seeming to say "follow me!"

At the same time the blue door wants you to knock, appealing to your curiosity about what lies within!

I love the depth of this painting and the split level view, and I was very happy with the texture I was able to achieve
in the side wall, and back wall, including the ivy!  Also the realism obtained in the clay pots was surprising to me!  This
is also a favorite of mine!

12 x 16 inches

Pastel Original (w/quality matte & frame)
Width:12 Inches
Height:16 Inches
Price:950.00 USD
Pastel Paintings
The Blue Door