This piece is one of my favorite paintings in the portfolio, if not the most favorite!  I love it because of the combination of colors which complement each other beautifully in my view...but mostly because it contrasts the very old Italian apartment building against the modern bicycle, so the viewer is left to wonder and focus on all the years between the two, and the myriad of worldly events that transpired in the intervening years. From the very old to the very new.....

I also love the realistic appearance of the clay pots, and what I was able to achieve with the 3-dimensional aspect
of the plants ...also the light filtering in from the right side, perfectly captured here, in my view and illuminating the
realistic appearance of the wooden door and the colorful facade of the apartment structure.

13 x 17 inches

Pastel Original (w/quality mat & frame)
Width:17 Inches
Height:13 Inches
Price:950.00 USD
Pastel Paintings
The Apartment