Richard Woods DDS
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Art expression nourishes the heart and soul, and always has a story to tell...
                                                                                      R. Woods

I am a retired dentist, having practiced in California, both in the Central Valley, Fresno, and in Fremont, in the 
East Bay, just 40 minutes from San Francisco, for the last 44 years!  As such I can claim to have extensive experience in the field of art, since dentistry is considered both an art and a science. I have spent the last 44 years restoring broken down teeth to proper form, function and color. All well trained dentists have a very good sense of spatial relationships, proportion, and human anatomy, and I believe that ability carries over easily into 2-dimensional art, i.e. drawing, painting.  After all, a drawing or painting is merely a 3-dimensional image drawn or painted on a 2-dimensional page...or to be more
precise, a painting or drawing is in reality an "illusion" of  a 3-dimensional image, or images drawn on a 2-dimensional page.

I have been drawing in both graphite and pastel, doing portraits, and structural landscapes since May of 2014, which
makes me relatively new in doing 2D art. I am basically self-taught, learning on my own from basic drawing books, teaching videos, and experimentation or actually doing the work, and learning by trial and error.  I have accumulated a small portfolio of my art pieces, which I subdivide in 2 categories...portraits, and pastel paintings. I hope to add to that portfolio as time goes on. 

On the website I will have two for portraits, one for pastel paintings for you to browse. I am open to commission work ( either portrait, or pastel picture ) if provided with a clear, and complete picture or photo of the subject to be drawn or painted. Note it should be a photograph you have taken, and not a professional photograph, for the pastel
painting...a portrait could be either. If you are interested, please contact me via my Email address, or cell phone with
a message.

The pastel paintings ( all original ) are for sale. Pastels are pure pigment, and as such produce very deep, rich colors.  These paintings will go very nicely in bedrooms, studies, computer rooms, libraries, and offices. They enhance the mood, and give life and color to any room. They are painted on quality Arches pastel paper, and will last many, many years, without fading. 

Also, the dimensions given of each piece (with height first, then width, in inches), are of the image....the "image size."
To calculate the total size of the piece, 3-5 inches should be added to every side for a standard matte and frame.

If you wish to make a purchase, or have questions about the art pieces, please contact me via my Email address, or cell phone with a message. Purchases can be done using PayPal, Cashier's check, or Money order.

I am an active member of the Alamo Danville Art Society (ADAS)

I currently have 4 of my pieces hanging in the new, state of the art, UOP Art Dugoni School of Dentistry located 
on 5th street, south of Market in San Francisco. 

I have also exhibited in two art shows in Danville, California at the Blackhawk Gallery in the Blackhawk Plaza this year...two  separate 10 week shows. 

My mother and my brother are also involved with 2D art doing oil paintings on canvas mostly for friends and 
associates, and their own pleasure.